Falu Rödfärg Blanket

  • Dimensions: 


  • Woven from: 

    2-ply wool yarn on wool warp

  • Designed by: 

    Mia Svalänge

Rec. price 3499 kr

Made of 100% wool, it is soft, warm and cosy, with a genuine lustre that only nature’s materials can produce. When you wrap the blanket around your shoulders, earth and sky meet at the front. And as a symbol of protective and conserving qualities you have the red house wall on your back.


For more than 250 years, Falu Rödfärg has had a special relationship with Sweden and the Swedes. The warm, red hue, which borrows its unique pigment from Mother Earth, has signified a sense of security for more than ten generations. The security of a home, of a landscape, of a country.

When we gave the designer Mia Svalänge the assignment of designing a blanket for Falu Rödfärg, she seized the opportunity with great enthusiasm. Her thinking was that it is not possible to separate Falu Rödfärg from Sweden, and that the Swedish landscape is synonymous with this beautiful red hue. Everything is intertwined and connected. It is like a natural weave, from the black earth and dark passageways of the copper mine to the ochre piles of refuse surrounding the mine, to the fields, the meadows, the cornfields, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the bright deciduous trees and the shady pine woods, whose tops tickle the blue canopy of the heavens. And there, in the middle of all of this splendour – the barns, the cottages, the bungalows, the outhouses, the fences and palings, whose red shades wax and wane in a constant interplay with the sunlight and seasons.

The description sounds like a painting, and the result is nothing less than a work of art. In its deceptively simple graphic form, it embraces an entire country, its nature and its culture. And you too are welcomed into its warm embrace.

Manufactured in 100% wool, it is warm, soft and comfortable with a genuine lustre that only nature’s own materials can provide. When you wrap this blanket around your shoulders, earth and sky meet at the front. And as a symbol of protection and preservation, the strong red of a house wall cloaks your back.

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