A Swedish craft since 1764

Making the pigment and getting exactly the right shade is a precise craft based on generations of tacit knowledge.

For best results

Tips and advice

Here you will find simple tips and advice regarding everything from how to prepare the surface to number of coats and painting technique. Everything you need to know in order to succeed with your painting project!

The world’s oldest limited company

The history of Falu Rödfärg

Falu Rödfärg is in many ways the story of Sweden through 250 years. During this time, countless meetings have taken place behind Falu red facades, where people have laughed, cried, loved, disagreed, made up, shared knowledge, thoughts and ideas and created the stories that have brought our country forward.


Let yourself be inspired by Falu Rödfärg’s many shades and guises. Here you will find pictures from all of Sweden’s Falu Red-painted corners.