Today, Falu Rödfärg is a growing range of products linked to house and home. The original distemper has been developed with new colours, and today Falu Rödfärg Original is available in red, bright red, grey and black brush paint. We have also added the new paint series Falu Rödfärg Träfasad and Falu Rödfärg Knut&Foder, as well as a range of adapted accessories.

Falu Rödfärg Original is Sweden’s most well-tried house paint, but it has one limitation. It can only be painted on unpainted or distemper painted wood. We have therefore developed a modern alternative for everyone who wants, but has not been able, to give their home the classic, beautiful, matte finish. Falu Rödfärg Träfasad, which offers the characteristics of modern facade paint combined with the traditional distemper look.
The facade paints are supplemented by Falu Rödfärg Knut&Foder – a product especially developed for the house’s most vulnerable wood details. Knut&Foder is available in a number of colours, taken from the Swedish building tradition, and combines the beautiful, mat surface of distemper with the qualities you expect from a modern wood paint.
Falu Rödfärg now also contributes a special home feeling indoors. Falu Rödfärg Filt is designed by designer Mia Svalänge and made of high-quality wool. A piece of Swedish applied art, which through its deceptively simple graphic design allows the blanket to tell the story of Falu Rödfärg and its role in the Swedish landscape.

Among piles of refuse, historical buildings and next to the enormous pit of the mine – Stora Stöten, you can find both the office and factory for Falu Rödfärg. Just as it has always been. It is also from the mine that we still take our most important raw material for Falu Rödfärg Original, the old mine refuse.

The name Falu Rödfärg is legally protected and may only be used for paint containing pigment from the Falun Mine. Our well-known logo with the red gable was registered as a trademark in 1972, but the paint has been manufactured by us since the 1700s. The trademark guarantees that the contents are Falu Rödfärg.

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Falu Rödfärg
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Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags AB
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