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About Falu Rödfärg

Among piles of rejected ore, historical buildings and next to the enormous pit of the mine – Stora Stöten, you can find both the office and factory for Falu Rödfärg. Just as it has always been. It is also from the mine that we still take our most important raw material for Falu Rödfärg Original, the old mine refuse.

Today, Falu Rödfärg is a growing range of products linked to house and home. The traditional Swedish red paint has been developed with new colours, and today Falu Rödfärg Original is available in red, bright red, grey and black brush paint. We have also added the new paint series Falu Rödfärg Träfasad and Falu Rödfärg Knut&Foder, as well as a range of adapted accessories.

The name Falu Rödfärg is legally protected and may only be used on paint that contains pigments from the Falu Mine. Our well-known logo with the red house gable was registered as a trademark in 1972, but the paint has been manufactured by us since the 18th century. The trademark guarantees that the content is Falu Rödfärg.