Painted fence sections

Falu Rödfärg Fences

A fence with protective properties

The unique pigment from Falu Mine gives the paint natural protective properties that preserve your fence for years. The fence will protect your property – and the paint protects your fence. It is also thanks to the pigment that your fence will have that characteristic matte finish combined with an intense, natural shine.

Det verkar som vi inte kan hitta det du letar efter.

Quick facts

Finished sections

Ready for assembly


Fully matte


Swedish fir

Mounting accessories

Use stainless wood screws

Technical information

Fence sections

Length: 175 cm
Width: 4.5 cm
Height: 118 cm


The slat is 45 mm wide and the thickness is 28 mm. Each slat is nailed with 4 nails.


Height 106 cm, 70×70 cm wide and deep, 23% slope



Surface treatment

Painted with Falu Rödfärg Original Red (base + 1 layer)


18 kg/section


Signature about 45% slope on tip
Tradition approx. 67% slope at the tip
The beds approx. 23% slope for runoff

Advantages of the fence

Falu Rödfärg Fences are as finished as a fence can be before it is assembled in place. The beautifully crafted fence is made from high-quality wood, painted with two protective layers Falu Rödfärg Original.

Simple assembly

Assembling the sections is easy, just screw them onto the fence posts with stainless wood screws – and then you’re done! The fence is pre-painted, but we still send a small touch-up can for any paint scratches.

Saves time and work

Building and painting a fence yourself is a time-consuming project. And there are probably other things you’d rather spend your time on during the summer painting season. Falu Rödfärg Fences provides an easy solution that frees up your time!

Painted with the Original

The fence is painted with genuine Falu Rödfärg, the original since 1764. The residue pigment from Falu Mine gives its distinctive colour that provides an unbeatable finish that also allows the wood in your fence to breathe and last for a long time.