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Falu Rödfärg Träfasad


Falu Rödfärg Träfasad is a modern house paint with similar qualities and appearance to our traditional Swedish red paint. It’s an alternative for anyone who wants the spirit of Falu Rödfärg Original, but is limited by the paint system used originally on the house. The paint is easy to use and is available in nine timeless colours. It gives the facade a beautiful matte finish and allows the wood to breathe and move in a natural and healthy way.


The linseed oil base in Träfasad means that the paint can be applied to many types of surfaces, for example on wooden surfaces with aged alkyd, linseed oil paint or on old traditional Swedish red paint, as well as on unplaned and planed wood unpainted surfaces.

Quick Facts


6-7 m² / litre


Fully matte

Painting temp

Outside temperature +10°C to +25°C

Drying time

Non-sticky after 12 hours, dry after about 48 hours

Technical Information


Linseed oil




Paint brush with synthetic bristles
Cleaned with water and detergent


Limit value (Cat A/d): 130g/l (2010)
The product’s VOC: <130g/l

Benefits of the paint

Falu Rödfärg Träfasad is a modern house paint that gives a perfect matte finish in a variety of colours that harmonizes with the Swedish landscape. The paint is intended for soft wood facades and is as easy to work with as Falu Rödfärg Original. It is a dispersion paint based on linseed oil, using water as a solvent.


The finish normally last around 10 years before requiring a new coat. Of course, this also depends on how exposed the facade is and its orientation; one side of the house may endure for 15 years while a greatly exposed facade may require a new coat after 6 years.


Anyone who has previously wished to repaint their home using Falu Rödfärg Original has been limited by the paint system used originally on the house. Falu Rödfärg Original only takes to surfaces that have previously been painted using traditional Swedish red paint. Now Falu Rödfärg Träfasad is available, giving the similar beautiful matte finish as the Original and with the added benefit that it can be applied to surfaces previously painted using another paint system, such as alkyd oil paint. Falu Rödfärg Träfasad is a modern way of painting that is steeped in tradition.

Paint that breathes

The paint has the properties of linseed oil paint and the stunning appearance of a traditional Swedish red paint. For example, the finished layer of paint does not form an impenetrable skin but rather allows the wood to breathe naturally, meaning that moisture is not sealed in and rot is prevented.Unlike old, pure linseed oil paint, Falu Rödfärg Träfasad has increased breathability, and thus eliminates the risk of blistering.


The paint attaches to most types of previously painted surfaces, such as traditional Swedish red paint, alkyd oil paint or linseed oil paint. However, it is not recommended for use on surfaces previously painted with acrylic paint. Acrylic is thermoplastic, which means that it shifts in different temperatures and thus gives rise to cracks and flaking. It works equally as well on planed and unplaned wood.


Träfasad has nine established colours that have been carefully selected. Their matte finish and lustre harmonizes with the Swedish landscape and give a balanced and natural appearance. These timeless colours preserve a look that has endured throughout the centuries. And by virtue of its unique character, it contributes to creating new, classic architecture. If other shades are desired, the colours can be mixed together to create a hue to suit any taste. Falu Rödfärg does not provide mixing recipes.

How to use

Brush new, untreated or factory-primed timber free from dirt and dust. In the case of previously painted surfaces, remove all loose paint and wood (so-called grey wood) using a scraper or steel brush. Use an anti-mould cleaner before painting. If there are mould spores left in the wood, there is a risk that they will continue to grow after painting.Then brush away all loose dust. Wash surfaces with a suitable facade cleaner. Thoroughly stir the paint. For new, untreated wood, dilute the paint with 10 per cent water for the first coat. Allow to dry for 48 hours. Then apply one coat of undiluted paint. Previously painted surfaces are usually given one coat of undiluted paint. For a lasting finish, it is preferable to apply a second coat to vulnerable surfaces such as those facing south or west. Painting/priming indoors can extend the drying time. After painting, remove as much paint as possible from your tools then clean them in water with a little detergent. Note that rags and cloths used for removing paint should be soaked in water and sealed in plastic before disposal. This is avoid the potential risk of self-ignition/burning due to the presence of linseed oil.

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