Falu Rödfärg Brushes


Good prep work lays the foundation for the best results and it is of the utmost importance to remove as much as possible of old paint and any flaking wood before applying with new paint. Falu Rödfärg’s brushes are adapted for brushing facades previously painted with Falu Rödfärg or other residue pigment paint – to help you to optimise the prep work.


All our brushes have stainless steel bristles of the highest quality and a carefully selected stiffness, are gentle on the fibre of the wood panels, yet strong enough to effectively remove old paint. Some brushes on the market are either too hard or too soft. Falu Rödfärg’s steel brushes make it easy to remove old paint residues without destroying wood fibres in the facade.

Det verkar som vi inte kan hitta det du letar efter.

Advantages of our brushes

Preparing to paint is as easy as the actual painting with Falu Rödfärg Original. Falu Rödfärg’s scrapers and steel brushes are adapted to optimise the preliminary work with the removal of old paint without damaging the wood fibres in the facade. Other tools may be too soft or too hard for optimal results.

Carefully balanced bristle stiffness

Stainless bristles for the highest quality

Gentle on wood fibers

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