Falu rödfärg

Going back centuries in time, Falu Rödfärg has been synonymous with the Swedish ideal. In the 16th century, castles and manors were painted red to resemble Europe’s stately brick buildings. In the 17th century, this red colour became a status symbol in the cities, and the 18th century saw this style spread to the manor houses, workmen’s’ houses and the rectories.

The 19th century saw Falu Rödfärg become popular among country cottages and barns, and in the 20th century private residences also started to use the colour. Today, a new generation of architects has rediscovered Sweden’s national colour. Falu Rödfärg shall always and forever be modern, progressive, and even challenging. For us, preservation means having respect for tradition but also the courage to continuously challenge ourselves and our way of thinking.  


Repainting your house is an investment, not least in terms of the number of working hours. Naturally, you will want to see results that meet your expectations and that will last for many, many years. If you would like to supplement your paint purchase with expert tips and advice, we recommend that you buy Falu Rödfärg from a professional paint retailer.

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