Sometimes the most effective way to repaint your house is to use a paint spray gun. Spraying is also very efficient when large areas need to be covered. There are many capable painting businesses across Sweden that work with spray painting. Make sure to get genuine Falu Rödfärg Original when they are repainting your house so that you get the best quality and a colour that remains vibrant year after year.

The spray paint is based on the same recipe as the Original but the consistency is a lot thinner. This is to adapt it for application with a spray gun and so that the facade can absorb the paint effectively.

Through extensive experience and a proven production method, Falu Rödfärg has created a paint with a unique colour stability and durability that tests have shown to be the absolute best option on the market. The special composition of minerals produces stunning and long-lasting results. This saves both time and money for its users.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use the spray paint when painting by hand as the consistency prevents the paint from staying in the brush.

Coverage: 2.5m2 / litre
Painting temperature: Outdoor temperature +5c – +25c

Drying time: Touch dry after 1 hour, dry after around 24 hours
Gloss: Full matte


S 5040-Y80R


S 5040-Y70R


S 8500-N


Falu Rödfärg Original is a distemper, which is one of Sweden’s oldest and most widely used types of paint. The paint provides a permeable layer that allows the wood to breathe - it lets in moisture but is also quick to let it evaporate. This minimises the risk of rot. The naturally protective properties explain why Falu Rödfärg has become Sweden’s most loved exterior paint.


The natural pigment from the Falun mines gives the paint its unique look. Most distempers are affected by sunlight, and red paints are particularly sensitive in this respect. But Falu Rödfärg retains its beautiful shade year after year so that you don’t have to paint your house as often. You save time and money and can instead enjoy your magnificent home.


The pigment contains around 20 natural minerals that preserve the natural beauty of the wood. Despite a tough and varied climate, Falu Rödfärg protects and preserves our houses. In 2015, we tested Falu Rödfärg against 15 different distempers on the market so as to compare the quality. Our paint maintains its smooth surface without any cracking throughout the testing period, while several of the copies crackle after the test’s approximated two-year mark.


Falu Rödfärg Original is living proof that quality wins out in the long run. Extensive testing shows that Falu Rödfärg lasts several years longer than other distempers. This applies to both to the durability of the colour and the quality of the surface itself. Cheap copies on the market reveal clear inconsistencies in shade and are subject to crackling after only two to four years. If you want to keep your timber house fresh and beautiful, buying cheap may end up costing you dear.


Falu Rödfärg Original contains a unique pigment from the Falun mines’ mineralisation. Ore, poor in copper, has weathered over the centuries to form “red fines” which, in addition to copper, also contain a rare combination of more than twenty natural minerals such as iron ochre, silicic acid and zinc. The result is a paint with a stunning matte finish with coarse silicic acid crystals that refract and reflect light. In the warm evening twilight, the red colour becomes intense, almost luminous.


The Original is a paint that is easy to apply, easy to maintain and lasts throughout the years. The paint is to serve as a sacrificial layer. It is time to repaint the house when the pigment is sitting loosely on the surface, when the paint is “chalking”. Then you simply need to brush away the loose paint from the facade using a Falu Rödfärg steel brush, and apply a new coat.


Falu Rödfärg is not just a house paint, it is Swedish cultural history in a tin. Its history can be traced back all the way to the 16th century. Since 1764, the paint has been produced by us, essentially using the same method and the same recipe as we use today. Few other phenomena have put their unique stamp on Sweden and the Swedish landscape in the way that Falu Rödfärg has managed to do.

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Are you considering repainting your falu-red house and thinking that one red paint is much the same as another? You may feel tempted to opt for a cheap product that on cursory inspection appears to have a similar tin to Falu Rödfärg and a name such as ‘classic’ or ‘traditional’. Perhaps someone has even told you that there is no real difference. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. There is a world of difference between Falu Rödfärg Original and other red paints. Falu Rödfärg Original always contains pigment from the Falu Copper Mine, something you won’t find in any impersonator and that makes Falu Rödfärg Original completely unique. Produced by nature itself, this pigment contains over 20 different minerals. all of which contribute to the paint’s unique characteristics and make it impossible to copy. Its beautiful hue and durable surface create both emotional and rational value. In the long- term, quality always pays. Naturally, the choice is yours; however, we do not believe that you would want to risk seeing your family cottage or lake house, that may have been passed down the generations, or for that matter your newly built home, disfigured by cracking, discoloured paint after only a couple of years.

That said, how can you be certain that you are buying the real thing? That’s easy. You can always recognise the Original by the famous brand. If it doesn’t say Falu Rödfärg on the tin, then it simply isn’t Falu Rödfärg.