Painting advice

  ALWAYS READ THE PAINTING ADVICE ON THE TIN! New, untreated timber of pine or spruce should first be primed with a coat of Falu Rödfärg diluted with 15-20% water. This should be followed by a coat with undiluted paint. … Continued


  Falu Rödfärg Red, the classic “Falun red” paint. Pigment content: brush painting 18%, spray painting 15% of the total weight. Binder: starch adhesive (wheat) reinforced with linseed oil. Linseed oil content: 8% of total weight. Solvent: Water. Closest NCS: … Continued

The powder

Falu Rödfärg powder In line with our new strategy, we have reviewed our product range. This has revealed that whilst our ready-mixed paint occupies a strong position in the market, Falu Rödfärg in a powdered form has performed poorly. It … Continued

Product information

  The pigment Falu Rödfärg contains pigment from the mineralization of the Falun Mine. Red mull is created from ore with a low copper content that has decomposed over a long period. In addition to copper, red mull contains a … Continued