Falu Rödfärg Red, the classic “Falun red” paint.
Pigment content: brush painting 18%, spray painting 15% of the total weight.
Binder: starch adhesive (wheat) reinforced with linseed oil.
Linseed oil content: 8% of total weight.
Solvent: Water.
Closest NCS: S 5040-Y80R

Falu Rödfärg Light Red, a somewhat lighter and warmer colour. The most common shade used in the 1700s, which is currently undergoing a renaissance in modern houses as well.
Pigment content: 20%.
Linseed oil content: 6%.
Closest NCS: S 5040-Y70R.

Falu Rödfärg Light Red without linseed oil

Pigment content: 20%.
Closest NCS: S 4550-Y70R.

Falu Rödfärg Black, has been popular for some time among architects and designers and increasingly common in modern wooden architecture.
Pigment content: 20%.
Linseed oil content: 8%.
Closest NCS: S 8500-N.

Falu Rödfärg Grey, a dark, graphite grey shade, somewhat milder than the Black.
Pigment content: 18%
Linseed oil content: 8%
Closest NCS: S 8000 N


The above colours can be mixed together. Falu Rödfärg Red is available at most specialist paint retailers and DIY stores in Sweden. Please see our list of representatives abroad.