Falu Rödfärg Träfasad is a modern house paint that imparts a perfect matte finish in colours that perfectly characterize the Swedish country- side. The paint is intended for all types of wooden outdoor walls and is just as easy to work with as Falu Rödfärg Original. Falu Rödfärg Träfasad is extremely easy and rewarding to work with when starting from scratch or repainting. The paint will adhere to most types of previously painted surfaces. However, we do not recommend its use on surfaces previously finished with acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are thermoplastic, which means they expand and contract at different temperatures and therefore cause cracks and flaking.

Falu Rödfärg Träfasad is a water-soluble distemper based on linseed oil, and as with all Falu Rödfärg’s products, it relies on ancient, tried-and-test- ed traditional handicraft combined with modern production techniques. The paint has the special qualities of a distemper that allows wood to breathe naturally, which means moisture is not locked in and cannot create the risk of wood rot.



Brush new, untreated or factory-primed timber free from dirt and dust. In the case of previously painted surfaces, remove all loose paint and wood (so-called grey wood) using a scraper or steel brush. It is extremely important that the surfaces be treated with a fungicide if mould spores are present or there is a risk they will occur. Then brush away all loose dust. Wash surfaces with a suitable facade cleaner. Thoroughly stir the paint. For new, untreated wood, dilute the paint with 10 per cent water for the first coat. Allow to dry for 48 hours. Then apply one coat of undiluted paint. Previously painted surfaces are usually given one coat of undiluted paint. For a lasting finish, it is preferable to apply a second coat to vul- nerable surfaces such as those facing south or west. After painting, clean away as much paint as possible from your tools then clean them in water with a little detergent.