Falu Rödfärg on your back

Falu Rödfärg has had a special relationship with Sweden and the Swedes for more than 250 years. The warm red colour, which derives its unique pigment from Mother Earth, has been a sign of security for more than ten generations. Security in a home, security in a landscape, security in a country.

When we commissioned the designer Mia Svalänge to design a blanket for Falu Rödfärg that was what she took as her starting point. She felt that Falu Rödfärg cannot be isolated from Sweden, and the Swedish landscape cannot be removed from the red colour. Everything is linked, everything goes together. It is as if there is a natural weave from the black earth and the copper mine’s dark passages to the ochre-coloured slag heaps in the mine area, to the fields, the meadows, the cornfields, the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the light deciduous trees and the dark green pine forests with their tree tops touching the blue sky. And in the midst of all this, the Falu Red houses – the barns, the smallholdings, the cottages, the houses, the outside toilets, the planking and the fences with their red colours changing in a constant interplay with the sunlight and the seasons.

The description sounds like a painting and the result is nothing less than a work of art. The blanket is 135 x 200 cm in size, but in its deceptively simple graphic form it embraces an entire country, its nature and its culture.

And now its ready to embrace you too. Made of 100% wool, it is soft, warm and cosy, with a genuine lustre that only nature’s materials can produce. When you wrap the blanket around your shoulders, earth and sky meet at the front. And as a symbol of protective and conserving qualities you have the red house wall on your back.